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We all have problems with our skin and body that we wish to change. At Bright Young Smiles, our experienced team provides revolutionary laser-based scar and stretch mark treatments using Alma Opus®. These noninvasive treatments shrink the appearance of scars and stretch marks, as well as revitalize your skin. Scar and stretch mark revision with plasma energy can treat numerous areas on your body. Despite how you got the scars or stretch marks, you may not want to keep being reminded of your injury or trauma. During your consultation, our team will assess your scar tissue and stretch marks to decide if this procedure is best for you. Please set up a private consultation with our team in Lighthouse Point, FL today.

There are many benefits to scar and stretch mark treatment with Alma Opus at Bright Young Smiles, including:

  • Reduced appearance of unwanted scars and stretch marks
  • Noninvasive treatment option
  • Customized procedure plans
  • Stimulation of collagen and elastin production in the skin
  • Improved skin tone and texture 

My kids have been going to Bright Young Smiles since they opened. They've never been afraid to go to the dentist. Everyone in the office is so nice and efficient.

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Always leaving with a bright 🌞😎 smile I love this dentist family business

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The best dental office I have been to. Front desk is fabulous, Jami, the hygienist is a true gem who convinced me through her explanation to get a deep cleaning, and the dentists are fabulous.

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Was here on vacation and they got me in right away. Very friendly and polite. Awesome experience. Can't thank them enough.

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My kids love coming here! The staff and the dentist are so welcoming and professional, we never leave unsatisfied!

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How many scar and stretch mark treatments are necessary?

Each person's situation is unique, and many men and women may require a greater number of sessions than others. However, the majority of clients will only have to undergo 4 – 6 scar and/or stretch mark treatments to experience the best possible benefits of the treatment. During your introductory consultation at Bright Young Smiles in Lighthouse Point, FL, we will evaluate which particular therapeutic regimen is most efficient for your scar treatment goals.

When can you undergo scar treatment after an injury?
The source of a scar results in the span of time it is necessary to wait to have laser scar treatment following the scar's development. For instance, if it originates from an invasive clinical procedure, it is usually safe to perform laser scar treatment after only a few weeks of the sutures being removed, which gives time for the opening to heal fully. Acne scars, though, may be treated with laser therapy once the responsible acne condition is under control.
Does scar treatment completely remove a scar?
Regrettably, no approach is known that can get rid of a scar completely. Regardless, laser scar treatment is an effective method for significantly lessening the perceptibility of a scar or blemish.
Is scar and stretch mark treatment an unpleasant treatment?
A majority of patients deem radiofrequency scar and stretch mark treatment to cause only slight irritation. The client experience will be largely influenced by the brand of laser technology utilized, the depth and breadth of the targeted skin region, and the patient's own ability to tolerate heat. Clients who have experienced the treatment often describe the pain of a rubber band snapping against the skin.
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