Can Old Scars Be Diminished With Laser Treatments?

By: Dr. Jared Young


Almost any type of scarring on the face, like acne scarring, trauma scars, or others, can take a major toll on a person’s self-confidence. Because of their textural differences, in addition to discoloration, scars can be challenging to cover up with makeup alone. With some treatments, it may be possible to minimize the appearance of facial scarring, but many of these options require a fairly lengthy recovery period and are not suitable for all skin types. At Bright Young Smiles, our experienced aesthetic team is proud to offer the latest technologies available today to help you improve scars more conveniently and effectively than ever. Continue reading to learn more about which types of scarring and skin are best suited to treatment with Alma Opus plasma laser scar treatment in Lighthouse Point, FL.

What treatment works best for scars?

There are many topical products, creams, and even oral supplements that can encourage more complete healing and fading of fresh scars. Still, some people are left unsatisfied with the look and texture of their scars. This is especially true for scarring in highly visible areas, like the face. Scars that have been present for many years are typically not responsive to these at-home options. Whether you have had an unwanted scar for decades or have recently gained scarring, professional, in-office laser scar treatment may be an effective solution.

How does laser scar treatment work?

At Bright Young Smiles, we perform laser scar treatment using the revolutionary Alma Opus RF plasma system. During your customized course of treatment, you may undergo a series of 3 – 6 Opus sessions. These involve passing the Opus handpiece over the skin, allowing it to deliver targeted radiofrequency (RF) energy that penetrates beneath the surface to stimulate collagen and elastin production for an improved overall skin tone and texture — all of which work to greatly diminish the appearance of scarring.

What kinds of scars can be treated with Opus laser scar treatment?

Almost any kind of scarring on both the face and body can be treated with the Opus RF plasma system. Common concerns that we often address with laser scar treatment for Lighthouse Point, FL patients include:

  • Acne scarring
  • Surgical scars
  • Injury scars
  • Traumatic scars

Even stretch marks can be improved with Opus RF plasma skin treatments.

Generally speaking, the newer the scar, the more successful the treatment. Still, even older scars can be greatly improved with laser scar treatment. During your initial consultation, our providers will evaluate the nature and history of your scars and/or stretch marks and determine whether laser scar treatment may be appropriate and successful for you.

Can laser scar treatment be used on dark skin tones?

While some laser treatments are not considered suitable for use on darker skin tones, the unique technology behind the Opus RF plasma system makes it a safe and effective scar treatment option for patients of almost all skin types and tones. Again, our knowledgeable aesthetic team will carefully assess your skin to ensure you are an appropriate candidate for treatment.

Smooth away unwanted scars with laser scar treatment in Lighthouse Point, FL

If you are embarrassed by facial scarring or have scars elsewhere that serve as unwanted reminders of past challenges, consider laser scar treatment to restore smoother, clearer skin you can feel confident about. Start your journey with laser scar and stretch mark treatment in Lighthouse Point, FL today by calling Bright Young Smiles to schedule your private consultation with one of our esteemed providers. We look forward to meeting you.

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