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Classified somewhere between a tooth-colored filling and a full crown, an inlay or onlay can restore a damaged or decayed tooth. Used on molars and pre-molars, an inlay covers the indented middle of a tooth while onlays cover the tooth's rounded, upper edges. Like dental crowns and fillings, onlays and inlays can be created with a variety of materials, such as metal, porcelain, and composite resin. Before they decide how to treat your teeth at Bright Young Smiles in Lighthouse Point, FL, Drs. Jared and Catherine Young can help you gain a better understanding of crowns, fillings, onlays, and inlays.

Inlays and onlays at Bright Young Smiles in Lighthouse Point, FL provide multiple benefits as less invasive and long-lasting dental restorations for chipped or decayed teeth, including:

  • Offers sturdiness and lasting protection
  • Gives you a functional and comfortable bite
  • Lessens the prospect of further erosion or chipping by protecting the tooth
  • Provides a minimally invasive alternative to standard dental crowns
  • Blends discreetly with your nearby teeth
  • Augments the natural resilience and function of the tooth
  • Avoids staining and yellowing, creating a subtly enhanced look
  • Preserves a larger portion of your natural enamel compared to standard dental crowns

After applying local anesthesia to numb the treatment area, we will begin by cleaning out areas of decay. Other methods of sedation can be used in case you experience fear or a strong gag reflex. When the enamel is cleaned, impressions will be made from the tooth. Once your restoration is ready, we will carefully set and then bond it on your tooth. We will then polish the edges or adjust the fit so your tooth is properly coated and feels right. You might feel mild discomfort, inflammation, or sensitivity for several days once your inlay or onlay is placed. Please contact Bright Young Smiles should you have any concerns following your treatment. With proper care and maintenance, it should last for many years before needing to be repaired or replaced.

My kids have been going to Bright Young Smiles since they opened. They've never been afraid to go to the dentist. Everyone in the office is so nice and efficient.

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Always leaving with a bright 🌞😎 smile I love this dentist family business

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The best dental office I have been to. Front desk is fabulous, Jami, the hygienist is a true gem who convinced me through her explanation to get a deep cleaning, and the dentists are fabulous.

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Was here on vacation and they got me in right away. Very friendly and polite. Awesome experience. Can't thank them enough.

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My kids love coming here! The staff and the dentist are so welcoming and professional, we never leave unsatisfied!

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Whether you choose a porcelain onlay or metal inlay, it's important to take care of a damaged or decayed tooth before it turns into a painful and expensive issue. Learn more about onlays and inlays to renew your mouth by making a consultation at Bright Young Smiles in Lighthouse Point, FL. We will help improve your smile with the best treatment for your needs.

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