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What Are Planmeca CBCT X-Rays?

Planmeca CBCT x-rays are cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) used to create three-dimensional images of the teeth, jaw, and surrounding structures. At Bright Young Smiles in Lighthouse Point, FL, we employ the premium imaging of Planmeca x-rays to place dental implants and enable accurate and precise oral surgeries.

Planmeca CBCT x-rays use low-dose radiation, providing a high level of detail. This makes them a valuable tool for Drs. Jared and Catherine Young to make informed decisions about the best procedures for your oral health and allows you, the patient, to see crystal-clear, high-quality images of your mouth and its essential structures.

How Are Planmeca CBCT X-Rays Performed?

CBCT systems, like those manufactured by Planmeca, use a cone-shaped X-ray beam. The scanner size, radiation dose, and time required for scanning are significantly reduced compared to conventional CT scans. Yet, they provide a high-resolution 3D image that can be viewed and manipulated in various ways for a detailed evaluation of the patient's mouth and oral health.

An x-ray with a Planmeca CBCT system at Bright Young Smiles is performed by having the patient sit in a chair or stand while the CBCT machine rotates around their head. The patient must remain still during the procedure, which lasts only a few seconds. The machine uses a cone-shaped X-ray beam to capture multiple images from different angles, then create a 3D image.

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Plan For Top-Notch Imaging with Planmeca

Planmeca CBCT oral imaging is an efficient method to discover problems that may occur in the mouth, teeth, or jaw. 3D oral imaging with a CBCT platform is often used at Bright Young Smiles to help oversee the implant process and other oral surgeries, thus reducing the danger of complications. If you'd like to learn more about Planmeca, call our Lighthouse Point, FL practice today.

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How do Planmeca CBCT x-rays ensure patient safety?

Planmeca CBCT x-rays at Bright Young Smiles employ low-dose radiation, allowing Drs. Jared and Catherine Young to obtain detailed and high-quality images of the patient's oral structures with reduced exposure. This commitment to safety and precision ensures patients receive the best care possible without unnecessary risks.

Can the 3D images obtained from Planmeca CBCT x-rays be viewed and analyzed in different ways?

Yes, the high-resolution 3D images captured by the Planmeca CBCT system can be viewed and manipulated in various ways. This flexibility in analysis assists our dentists in evaluating and understanding the patient's mouth and oral health, leading to well-informed decisions on treatment and care.

How long does an x-ray procedure with the Planmeca CBCT system take?

An x-ray procedure with the Planmeca CBCT system at Bright Young Smiles in Lighthouse Point, FL, is quick and convenient, typically lasting only a few seconds. The patient may be asked to sit or stand while the machine rotates around their head, capturing multiple images. We prioritize patient comfort, ensuring the experience is as smooth and efficient as possible.

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