Healthy Smiles Membership Plan

At Bright Young Smiles, we offer our Healthy Smiles Membership Plan, annual membership that allows individuals and families who don’t have Dental Insurance to receive quality dental care at a reduced cost.

Our plan provides 100% coverage on:

  • Adult/Child Professional Cleanings (D1110, D1120, D4910) Scaling and Root Planing (Deeper Cleanings) not included.
  • All Necessary Annual X-Rays
  • Comprehensive (New Patient) and Periodic Exams (2 per Year)

As a member, you will also get 15-20% off of basic restorative Dental Services
*Exclusions apply for Invisalign and Botox/Filler services.

    NO Yearly Maximums

    NO Deductibles

    NO Claim Forms

    NO Pre-Authorization Required

    NO Waiting Periods

Our Healthy Smiles Membership is available to all members of the family and can greatly reduce the cost of your family’s dental needs without the hassle of dealing with insurance companies. Call us today to see if one of our plans may work for you!