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There are times when accidents cannot be avoided. You may trip over something and chip a tooth. Sometimes a tooth can get discolored for any number of reasons, such as an illness or medication. Dr. Catherine Young and Dr. Jared Young offer dental bonding and contouring to improve certain cosmetic flaws. This quick, effective treatment uses composite resin, which is the same material used for tooth-colored fillings, to mask tooth discoloration, reduce gaps in your teeth, lengthen a tooth, or even change a tooth's shape. For an effective treatment to enhance your smile, schedule an appointment to get more information about dental bonding and contouring at Bright Young Smiles in Lighthouse Point, FL.

Dental bonding and contouring performed at Bright Young Smiles are effective and simple treatments that help improve the look of worn, damaged, or discolored teeth. Benefits of dental bonding and contouring at our Lighthouse Point, FL facility include:

  • Improving the look and function of chipped, cracked, damaged, or discolored teeth
  • Making a smile and the appearance of teeth more consistent
  • Does not require the removal of enamel
  • Is usually completed in one office visit
  • Results that may last up to 10 years
  • Bonded and contoured teeth do not need any special maintenance beyond regular dental care
  • No anesthesia and no pain

Dental bonding and contouring is typically done during one visit to our office in Lighthouse Point, FL. You shouldn't need anesthesia, but options for sedation may be discussed during your appointment for issues, like anxiety or a strong gag reflex. Once you're ready, we will apply the bonding material to the necessary areas of your teeth. The bonding material will be hardened before more layers are added. Once the layers of composite resin are set, we will contour and smooth the material and your natural teeth for an even appearance. Following treatment, you should avoid staining foods and drinks for two days. Bonded and contoured teeth should be cared for just like natural teeth with daily flossing, brushing, and mouthwash. With good care, dental bonding can last up to ten years.

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Bonding and contouring can be a great option if you would like to improve your smile without the time and expense needed for other cosmetic procedures. Learn more about the benefits of dental bonding and contouring at a consult in Lighthouse Point, FL. Contact Bright Young Smiles to schedule an appointment with one of our dentists, and obtain a beautiful, healthy smile.

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