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Reviews for Lighthouse Point, FL Family Dentistry Dr. Jared Young Advanced Dentistry Services

5.0 Review from D.B. Source: Google Mar 30 2019

"Nowadays, finding a good and ethical dentist for your family is just as hard as finding an good and ethical used-car salesman. I found Bright Young Smiles and Dr. Jared Young through a colleague of mine at work. It began with a simple question: "Hey bud, do you know a good pediatric dentist who does not insist on IV sedation for kids - for not-so-complicated dental procedures? So my colleague recommended Dr. Jared Young because of his personal experience with his kids here. He didn't say much, and I didn't expect much.. but... then I was pleasantly surprised. The office was nice and clean. The staff from A to Z was super friendly and courteous. The doctor himself was extremely friendly, understanding, and most of all, skillful in what he is trained to do. The lady coordinator of the office, Kendall, was superb from the moment I spoke with her on the phone the first time. She clearly explained all charges related to the insurance and my co-pays. They even have an insurance specialist who would find out everything about your insurance so that together they can work with you to maximize your benefits and SAVE YOU MONEY. Dr. Young did in one visit what other offices wanted to do in two, and they wanted to charge much more. I was so impressed, I cancelled all existing appointments with my current dentist and brought my whole family over to Bright Young Smiles. I am so happy I have found Dr. Jared Young. I hope he will continue to do his good work and does not sell out his business for any corporation in the future - like what my previous dentist did."

5.0 Review from A.H. Source: Google Mar 30 2014

"Wonderful*** I was horrified to find out my little One has several cavities and i heard such good things about Dr young and maybe doing sedation instead of the other Dentists idea of Strapping my child to a board to keep them still, which i will never ever do. So her first visit, i am stressed, nervous and a mess thinking of the pain my little baby is going to feel from the almighty novacaine shot.....SHe got in the chair, the Dr is very calm showing her all the tools and just talking to her...Now the moment for the shot...they put the jelly to start numbing her mouth, so far s good...then they had her close her eyes and he injected her....she didnt even move, she didnt even feel it, i watch her face and her body , she never knew she just got a shot! the weight was lifted off my shoulders a bit after that. He continued to fix 3 of her teeth, being a 4 year old she did start to get ansy but for her first visit and to have 3 cavities filled with no pain is worth its weight in gold to me, this visit was to be the one that really defined all her future visits to any dentist, if it went bad she would never want to go again as i remember as a child . BUT Dr Young was great, i think dental technology has come a long way and the young dentists have gained more skill and patience especially with children. So Thank you Dr Young for taking care of my pride and joy...her only complaint was that she just doesnt like what he calls Mr Bumpy :) I think it more annoys her than hurts her :) We'll be back to finish the rest......... Well we went back to do the rest and once agin my little 4 year old was not scared for life :) As recently as today we found two more spots...I cant bare to watch so I send my wife,,,apparently dr jared didn't even have to use novacaine and was able to fix both teeth without a flinch of pain from her. The joy of my day is when my little one calls me and says daddy I am OK everythings done:) and I ask did it hurt r u ok and she replies no and I even got a goody bag!!!! so this would be the 6 or 7th procedure on my cavity prone child no matter all I have tried and not once has she ever been upset of felt an ounce of pain. this is worth the world to me and now her experience for the dentist r forever changed because dr jared and his team understand how to make the kids feel good and what to show them and what not to show them. So thank U again for taking care of my Princess!!!!!"
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